Gehenna is where most of the divine war took place, the first rebellion against the angels on a grand scale, It is one of the Eight Major Countries on the world of Eternia.

History Edit

The origins of Gehenna are much the same as any other country, when Kraus created the lands he created eight major countries as well as several smaller ones, on each one he placed humans, Gehenna was one of these countries.

During the rule of the Divine council, rules were placed over humanity in order to quell there warmongering ways, but as time went on these rules got worse and worse, more and more the humans were oppressed by the angellic guardians, it was Gehenna that held the first Uprising

The high Queen of Gehenna held a public speech where she announced that no longer would Gehenna follow the ways of the Divine council, they would be there own people, they would not bow down in fear to the Divine council, This marked the first known wide scale rebellion against the Angels.

Following this announcement, five angels were quickly sent to Gehenna to calm down the rebellion and retain order and peace in the country. Three out of the five angels would not survive the attempt at stopping the rebellion.

Due too the rebellion occuring in Gehenna, a wide scale rebellion began all across the globe, with even some angels helping the Humans, these Angels were led by the Angel who would later go down in history as the worlds greatest threat: Azrael. This marked the beginning of the first Divine War.

As the Divine war raged on countless lives were lost in Gehenna, villages and cities were destroyed and it was clear that the country was going to face many trials by the end of the war. Years passed and more and more was destroyed, by the end of the war the country that started it was left decimated, it had been completely annihilated.

Modern History Edit

After this history begins to fade on what occured, it is known that the Second Divine war did not have a good effect on the rebuilding effort, with countless surviving Gehennians losing there lives in the war once more, however the return of Kraus to the world saved the country from losing all aspects of life.

In the year one hundred and fifty six, the peace barriers were established preventing Gehenna from contacting any other country, preventing them from getting aide, but also preventing invading forces from finishing them off in there weakened state, as it stands very little of the outside world knows much about Gehenna anymore due to the Barriers

With only a Twentieth of the original population left alive, rebuilding efforts were slow, but around the year Four hundred leading into Five hundred the country began to spring back up, However it remains a shadow of its former selves, all human villages have to remain close to each other due to the wilderness being too hard to travel in, the monsters still outnumber the humans ten to one, the government over these cities is a single council of five people.

As it stands it is currently considered dangerous and almost unlivable due to the amount of monsters, however the natives still continue to pull through and survive.

Notable Creatures Edit


Avian monsters

Various forms of yokai

Giant Arachnids

Giant Centipedes

The Undead

Skeletal Hordes

Trivia Edit

  • The infamous half angel known as Judeal Loki, widely known in Valmassia, hails from Gehenna
  • Due to the amount of monsters, humans are no longer the dominant lifeforms in this country
  • Due too the destruction during the divine wars and the following extinction of eighty percent of humans in the country, most if not all of its history was lost to the ages
  • Most of the primary villages in Gehenna are built overtop of the ruins of once great cities from the time of the Divine War

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