Harukeans are a subrace of humans. Their magical ability is generated from the Mortis symbiote that is naturally found within Harukean bodies.They were created when their goddess 'Lyperias' (or if not Lyperias, an unnamed shadow god) sculpted them from humans stranded on the island of Xsperita off the coast of Valmasia. This took place during Valmasia's first plague.

Appearance Edit

Harukeans eyes are black, including the sclera. Moreoever, strange arcane symbols typically cover their bodies. The Harukean symbols are similar to Valmasian rune magic in appearance, perhaps having a similar origin.

Of particular note is the symbol known as the Oracle's Mark, which when activated, allows a Harukean to control the Mortis symbiote and siphon mana from other living creatures.

Abilities Edit

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