Hinsley Arriot was the royal chef of Frostvale under King Sebastian Silvertongue. His contributions to the culinary arts of Frostvale - and perhaps, Valmasia as a whole - are quite notable. It was Hinsley who first introduced the usage of such exotic spices as 'salt' and 'pepper' to the impoverished northern kingdom. Hinsley was also well known for his frequent use of brothels and perhaps undeserved status as a Jain in the Draco Nivis, mainly owing to his connections to King Silvertongue.

Sadly, the poor chef met a grisly death in a dungeon. In an ironic twist of fate, Hinsley became food for a monster that disguises itself as a floor. King Silvertongue himself perished shortly after Hinsley. Some say the good chef's cooking was the only thing that gave him the will to live.

Trivia Edit

  • Hinsley's untimely death is still being mourned by the prostitutes and chefs of Frostvale, decades later.
  • Hinsley's culinary research notes were made public shortly after his death. Thanks to him, the people of Frostvale now know what garlic is and consume massive quantities of it year-round.

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